NAAC Certificate

How To Apply:To apply for admission please, follow these steps:-

Step1 – Filling up the Application Form

  • Download application form available (Download Application Form) fill up the registration form and email to global@subharti.org
  • Please ensure that the application form is duly filled and the documentary evidence of qualifying examination supporting the admission is also attached along with your mail.
  • If the content in the marks sheet/transcript is not in English, a certified English translated version must also be uploaded in addition to the native language certificate.
  • In case the results have not been declared, “result awaited” should be mentioned clearly by the applicant.

Step 2- Eligibiltiy verification and Issuance of Provisional Officer Letter

  • For the purpose of equivalency of the qualifying exam, the qualifications as recognized by AIU are considered. For qualification not recognized by AIU, equivalency proof has to be provided by the applicant from the Indian High Commission/ Consulate in their respective country or other concerned statutory body as applicable.
  • After receiving the online application form the university may issue” Provisional Offer Letter” for provisional admission.

Step 3- Fee payment

  • The applicant shall submit the Registration, fee and also fulfill all the condition(s) mentioned in the Provisional Admission Offer Letter, with a stipulated time period.

Step 4 – FRRO and Medical Exam Cerificate

  • The FRRO is mandatory for all Foreign nationals( except the students from Nepal and Bhutan) stuying in India. The FRRO has to be completed within 14 day of arrival in India and the students has to provided the University with a copy of the FRRO.
  • The student has to undergo medical examination in his/ her native country for general Fitness, HIV, and yellow fever( in case of any African countries)and has to provide the copy of the same at the time of reporting. In case of any non- compliance, the admission of the students can be cancelled or any action may be taken as deemed appropriate by the university and concerned Government agency.

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