NAAC Certificate



To become a dynamic, demand driven, quality conscious, efficient and innovative Institute capable of becoming active partner in the techno-economic growth of the Nation and providing world class technological education and research inputs to the Society”.


“Create centre of excellence in specialized areas of technology and enable academic beneficiaries to become competent professionals capable of providing sustainable solutions to challenging problems facing the society and industry”.


List of Laboratories

                                 i.            WORKSHOP PRACTICE LAB

                               ii.            ENGINEERING MECHANICS LAB

                              iii.            FLUID MECHANICS LAB

                             iv.            MATERIAL SCIENCE & TESTING LAB

                               v.            MACHINE DRAWING I LAB

                             vi.            THERMODYNAMICS LAB

                            vii.            MACHINE DESIGN  LAB

                          viii.            THEORY OF MACHINES LAB

                             ix.            MANUFACTURING SCIENCE LAB

                               x.            HEAT & MASS TRANSFER LAB

                             xi.            COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN LAB

                            xii.            INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE & AUTOMOBILE LAB