NAAC Certificate

Faculty List




Vice Principal (Lecturer, Assistant Professor)

Qualification: PhD in Journalism and mass communication

Experience: 7 years of Academic Experience and 9 years of Industrial Experience

Email: sijmcviceprincipal@gmail.com




Deepa Rani

Assistant Professor

Qualification: MA in Mass com & Journalism, PG-Dip in Human Rights UGC-NET

Experience: 5 Years industrial Experience in media and advertising industry and 1 year Academic exp.

Publications: Many Research papers and articles in state and national seminars.

Email: sijmc.deeparani@gmail.com



Ms. Gunjan Sharma

Lecturer, Assistant Professor

Qualification: Ph. D in Mass Communication (Pursuing) MJMC, PGD in Advertising Public Relation and Corporate Communication, PGD in Marketing Management

Experience: 6 years of Academic Experience and 2 years of Industrial Experience

Publication: Published many Research paper and article, Participated in National and International Seminar, attended many national conferences and workshop.

Email: sijmc.gunjansharma@gmail.com

Mr. Surender Kumar

Lecturer, Assistant Professor

Qualification: MJMC, PGD in Journalism and Mass Communication, PGD in Radio and Television Journalism, Two Year PGD in Human Rights (Final Year)

Experience: 4.5 Years of Academics, 1 year Media Industry (Academic and industrial)

Email: sijmc.surender@gmail.com





Mudasir Sultan Zarger

Qualification: Ph.D in Journalism and Mass Communication (Pursuing), Masters in Mass Communication,

B.A. in Mass Communication with Social Sciences, B.Ed., Diploma in Information System Management
Experience: 7 months Academic and 4 years Industrial experience
Publications: Participated and presented papers in many National and International Seminars and
Email: zargermudu@gmail.com

Lecturer/Assistant Professor